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12 Month Complete Care Membership

12 month Complete Care Membership is an annual plan focused on providing integrative medical care.

We are now offering a personalized lifestyle concierge benefit for our patients which will includes a comprehensive primary and gynecologic care model. This is a personalized healthcare plan based on each woman’s individual needs, lifestyle, hormones and genetic profile. This integrative well-woman’s program includes communication and coordination of care with other healthcare providers, screening and strategies for reducing and managing future healthcare risk factors to include: pregnancy complications, mental health concerns, cardiac disease and cancer. This program has an emphasis on healthful and active lifestyles, food as medicine with nutritional consults available, weight management, stress reduction, and ways to minimize unhealthy habits. This service will offer one on one access to the physician, same-day or next-day appointments. This service is offered at $150 per month or $1800 per year.

This program aims to help each individual woman become the best version of herself. From raising a healthier family, optimizing the weight and health journey from an integrative approach, convenient tele-visits, quick prescription refills, and an easier transition through post-partum, reproductive years, and into menopause. By having a physician lifestyle coach, Dr. Harden will offer support, appropriate referrals, and medical expertise to treat each woman as a whole part. With this program, we hope to allow your health to take a priority in your life, without causing the frustration of lengthy wait-times, phone tag, and rushed appointments attempting to solve a lifetime of challenges. Visits can vary from 15-60 minutes, depending on each woman’s unique needs and challenges. Our goal is to ensure every woman receives the care she needs and is motivated to take an active role in her own health and well-being so that she can continue to be a pillar in the lives of those she loves. We would love to walk this journey with you. 


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